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2022 EERA Annual Conference

Message from the Vice President for Conference Planning


After an excellent program online, we are planning on going back to our regular conference format and Florida for our 45th conference! Yes, we hope to return to the Sunshine State and a past venue that proved to be enjoyable and very suitable for EERA's needs. We are doing our best to plan an exciting and engaging conference with the same quality presentations that you have come to expect from EERA conferences. The call for proposals will be posted and distributed in early September with acceptance decisions completed by early December 2021. Check back to this website for additional information, or feel free to contact Kenda Grover (kgrover@uark.edu) our 2022 Conference Chair, if you have any questions.  

Jessica Bucholz 
Vice-President of Conference Planning

Sarasota County Schools Sarasota Florida 

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

As the Global Pandemic persists, EERA leadership continues to monitor conditions and consider ways to protect conference attendees.  This will remain a face-to-face conference, so we are making the following efforts to mitigate risk and create as safe an environment as possible for everyone:

  • Face masks will be required during all indoor events including sessions, breaks, and any other activities taking place in public spaces of the hotel.

  • The President’s Reception will be held outdoors, weather permitting.

  • We strongly encourage social distancing but recognize conference events occur in crowded spaces and it may not always be possible to observe appropriate protocols.

  • Disposable face masks and hand sanitizer will be provided to attendees at registration.


Information on the Sheraton Sand Key Resort’s COVID-19 protocols and practices is available on their website at:


Information on COVID-19 in the state of Florida is available at:


Special Instructions for Poster Presenters

Each poster presenter has been assigned a presentation board number (see listing in schedule for posters on Friday evening) and will share a standalone display board with another presenter. Each presenter has a display area of 48 inches (H) x 48 Inches (W). Please plan accordingly when organizing your materials and presentation for display. 

Instructions for EERA Conference Session Chairs

Thank you for graciously agreeing to serve as a Session Chair at the upcoming EERA conference! You play an important role in the conference, and in many situations, are helping a new generation of faculty members, as well as graduate students, come to understand and appreciate how academic exchanges occur.



Your primary activity as a Session Chair is to introduce the session and the presenters and to monitor the time allocated for each presenter. To do this, you will need to determine how many presentations are in your session (typically 3-4, but in some cases five), and you will need to moderate the time allocated to each presenter. You are also responsible for keeping track of time and conveying this to the presenters. You should also save time at the end of your session to allow for discussion among audience members and fellow presenters.


Please plan on arriving to the session you are chairing at least five minutes before the session begins, and please convey to the presenters the order in which they will be speaking (which, unless an issue arises, should be the order listed in the program).


Remember, for some new faculty members or graduate students, this may be their first presentation and they might be quite nervous.


In some rare circumstances, there may be a limited audience attending the session you are chairing. Please work with the presenters to be reasonable about this. Some session chairs in past years have pulled chairs into a circle and allowed for a more informal discussion and presentations; others have asked the presenters their preferences, etc.


Additionally, there are some presenters who will cancel their presentation at the last minute, miss a flight, or have some other event that prevents them from attending the conference. You will be asked to think on your feet as you handle these types of challenges!


Please do everything you can to keep your session on time, as rooms are scheduled back-to-back. When you conclude your session, please be certain to thank the presenters for their work!

Past Conference Programs

2022     Clearwater, FL

2021     Virtual

2020     Orlando, FL

2019     Myrtle Beach

2018     Clearwater, FL

2017     Richmond, VA

2016     Hilton Head Island, SC

2015     Sarasota, FL

2014     Jacksonville, FL

2013     Sarasota, FL

2012     Hilton Head Island, SC

2011     Sarasota, FL

2010     Savannah, GA

2009     Sarasota, FL

2008     Hilton Head Island, SC

2007     Clearwater, FL

2006     Hilton Head Island, SC

2005     Sarasota, FL

2004     Clearwater, FL

2003     Hilton Head Island, SC

2002     Sarasota, FL

2001     Hilton Head Island, SC

2000     Clearwater Beach, FL

Conference Location 2022
February 3-4, 2022
Sheraton Sand Key Resort
1160 Gulf Blvd
Clearwater Beach, FL 33767
Future Conference Locations


Myrtle Beach, SC

February 9-11


2022 Conference and Membership Registration

Those attendees who are presenting at the conference must also be registered members of the Eastern Educational Research Association. Annual membership dues are typically paid when registering.

Register online >

The Sheraton Sand Key Resort is located approximately 20 miles from Tampa International Airport, and 12 miles from St. Petersburg - Clearwater International Airport. Ground transportation is available through ridesharing services, as well as Super Shuttle. Estimated taxi fare is $65 (one-way). Estimated Super Shuttle fare is $65 (one-way)




Conference Location 2022
February 3-4, 2022
Sheraton Sand Key Resort
1160 Gulf Blvd
Clearwater Beach, FL 33767
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