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If you are attending the conference, you can borrow a projector, based on first come first serve basis, from the registration desk. We do not have the latest cables for Apple products, so you will need to bring those. Only Paper Presentations will have projectors available. 


The Role of Facilitators

The Conference Program Chair has selected a person among your presenters to hold the title of "facilitator" during your session. The facilitator is responsible for introducing the presenters, keeping everyone on task with the shared time of the session, and making sure all participants and presenters leave during the quick intermission before the next session. By chance your listed facilitator is not available or cannot perform the duties as assigned, please contact the Registration Desk.


Sharing Papers

If your session requires a paper (Paper and Symposia), please be prepared to share copies of your paper. You can bring the amount of hardcopies you think are needed and/or email electronic copies of your paper with session attendees.


What Occurs by Session Format



How It Works: Paper sessions provide an opportunity for an author to present an abbreviated version of his or her paper. A facilitator will promote discussion of the papers after all the papers are presented. The order of presentation will follow the order printed in the program. EERA believes the dialogue and discussion of papers is a critical component of our conference. To facilitate interaction among participants, sessions generally will have a smaller number of papers than is traditional at other conferences. Paper sessions, therefore, often have less than 4 papers. However, in cases where 4 papers are assigned to a session, for example, the paper session format allows approximately 5 minutes for the Facilitator to introduce the session, 10 minutes for four paper presenters, 15 minutes of facilitated discussion, and 20 minutes for open discussion. Paper sessions will have an assigned facilitator.



How It Works: Individual presenters are assigned numbered tables in a large meeting room where interested persons may gather with the presenter about his or her paper or project. Authors are expected to bring copies of their full papers or summaries and to remain available for discussion throughout the session. One presenter will act as the facilitator of the session. Facilitators are not assigned to roundtable sessions. Audiovisual equipment is not available for round table sessions.



How It Works: Poster Sessions Description: Poster sessions combine the graphic display of materials with the opportunity for individualized, informal discussion of the research throughout the session. Each presenter has a display area of 36 inches (H) x 48 Inches (W). Please plan accordingly when organizing your materials and presentation for display. 

Panel Presentations

How It Works: Panel Presentations Description: Panel Presentations are opportunities for colleagues to present together on a similar or related topic. There may be two or more presenters. This will be more of a discussion, and audience engagement is encouraged. A Projector will NOT be available, so if you need one, you will want to bring it. 

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