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Journal of Research in Education

Fall 2000

An International Journal Published by the Eastern Educational Research Association



Contributed Articles


Black High School Student Activism in the 1960s: N Urban Phenomenon?

V.P. Franklin


The Importance of Role-Taking Opportunities for Self-Sustaining Moral Development

Georg Lind


This isn’t DressRehearsal: A Study of the Beliefs of Nontraditional Candidates as Career Changers

Jane Neapolitan


A Comprehensive School Violence Response Plan

Hope Fuhs, Marge Coleman, Barry; Croll, and Bernard R. Brogan


Using ILS to Help Students At-Risk School Failure

Thomas Brush


A Special Theme Section: Action Research and Character Education


Matthew L. Davidson


Concept Mapping and Character Education: New Directions in Character Education Planning and Evaluation

Matthew Al. Davidson


Action Research: Empowering School Change through Dialogue and Collaboration

Phyllis Smith-Hansen


Action Research as a Method for Reflective Planning and Practice: Character Education in a Middle School Classroom

Tammy M. Ziser


Facilitating Character Education and Professional Development through Evaluation and Action Research

Jennifer S. Johns


Feature Section: Teacher Research



Barbara Beyerbach


Teacher Educators Foster Whole Teaching

Christine Walsh and Sharon Kane


Empowerment in Action: Action Research as Professional Development

Susanne Chandler, Jill Pompi, Ellen Barber, and Elaine Collins


Feature Section: Methodology Issues


Introduction to Methodological Issues Section

Isadore Newman and David Shannon


“Piece of Cake”: Choosing Univariate Analysis Using a Decision Tree

Abbot L. Packard


A Conceptualizing of Mixed Methods: A Need for an Inductive/Deductive Approach to Conducting Research

Isadore Newman and Carole Newman


A Step-Three Adjustment Procedure for Type I Error Rates

Isadore Newman, John Fraas, and John M. Laux



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