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Journal of Research in Education

Fall 1998

An International Journal

Published by the Eastern Educational Research Association



Contributed Articles:


Finding Common Ground to Study and Implement Character Education: Integrating Structure and Content in Moral Education

Marvin W. Berkowitz


Conceptualizing Community: Problems and Possibilities for Research

Joel Westheimer


Discipline and Community in Moral and Character Education

F. Clark Power, Ann Marie R. Power and Vladimir T. Khmelkov


An Outline of Social-Cognitive Theory of Moral Character

Daniel K. Lapsley


Leadership Styles of Presidents of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Fred B. Holman, Alan B. Henkin, and Jay R. Dee


What is the Role of Cultural Diversity in the Teacher Education Curriculum?

John F. VonEschenbach and Micheal R. Hillis


Priorities for Dealing with School Dropout

David E. McIntosh, Tonya Chacon and Kay S. Bull


Yes, No, Maybe: Teachers’ Reactions to Action research            

Pat Russo and Barbara Beyerbach


The Personalities of Exemplary Teachers

Louise A. Chandler and Rita M. Bean


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