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Journal of Research in Education

Fall 1999

An international Journal Published by the Eastern Educational Research Association



Contributed Articles:


The Crisis in Pre-Collegiate Urban Education: Selected Aspects

Kofi Lomotey


Early Lessons from the Annenberg Challenge

Barbara Cervone


Demographic Opportunities and School Achievement

Jesse L. M. Wilkins


“I said that on purpose”: Using Paranoid Validity to Examine the Researcher and Researcher Effects

Jenifer Jasinski Schneider


Democratizing Professional Development

Pat Russo, Barbara Beyerbach, and Suzanne Weber


Special Theme Section:


Ralph Mosher: An Introduction and Tribute

Norman A. Sprinthall


Character Education: The Mission of Every School

Thomas Lickona


Educating for Democracy: The Vision and Legacy of Ralph Mosher

F. Clark Power


Beginning Teacher Development: A Cognitive-Development Approach

Alan J. Reiman


Challenges in Evaluating Character Education Programs

Leslie Laud and Marvin W. Berkowitz


Ralph Mosher: A Personal Note

Tatyana Tsyrlina


Brief Research Reports:


Child Abuse and Neglect: The Effects of Knowledge on Reporting Behavior

Debra C. Cobia, Jamie S. Carney, and Elizabeth K. Ullery

Should Educational Researchers use Web-Based Surveys to Collect Sensitive Data?

Jay Tarby, Robert A. Dubick, and Isadore Newman


Gender, Ethnicity, Ability, and what Type of Item Response Mathematics Proficiency of Fifth-Graders

Dimitri M. Dimitrov


Factors Influencing Student Choice of Distance or Face-to-Face Courses

M.D. Roblyer and A.J. Guarino

Preservice Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Persons with HIV Disease

David M. Shannon


A Technique for Assessing Effective Instructional Sequences

Catharine C. Knight and Walter J. Kuleck



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