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Journal of Research in Education

Fall 2001

An International Journal Published by the Eastern Educational Research Association




Challenges of teaching in Under-Resourced Schools

Alysia D. Roehrig, Michael Pressley, and Denise A. Talotta


Moral and Values Crisis: Some Possible Educational Remedies

Tatyana Tysrlina


Institutional Identity, Pressure for Change, and Executive Leadership at U.S. Catholic Colleges and Universities

Alan B. Henkin, Jay R. Dee, and Fred B. Holman


Institutional Identity, Pressure for Change, and Executive Leadership at U.S. Catholic Colleges and Universities: A Response

Kenneth P. Paulli


From Crystal Building to Crystal Gazing: The Growth of a Professional Development Project

Barbara Beyerbach, Pat Russo, Ann Keen, Suzanne Weber, Nancy Labbe, and Elaine Suskin


Monitoring Peer Conferences in a Multi-Age Writing Classroom: What’s Really Going On?

Kitty Clarke


Facilitating Text Learning

Andrew D. Katayama, Daniel H. Robinson, Kenneth A. Kierwa, Nelson Dubois, and David Jonassen


Sustaining Innovation in Urban Schools

Steven Jay Gross

Guest Editor



Steven Jay Gross


Education as an Agent of Social Change: The Vision and Legacy of Margaret C. Wang

Judith C. Stull


Navigating a Gale: Sustaining Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment Innovation in an Urban High School for Immigrants

Steven Jay Gross


Rebuilding the Lives of High School Dropouts: Lessons from a Successful Program

Erin McNamara Horvat and Rosemary Lukens Traore


The Urban Context: Continuity and Change

Thomas Reiner


The Assumptions of High-Stakes Accountability: A Challenge to Prevailing Wisdom for an Urban High School

Patrick J. McQuillan


Teacher Research

Barbara Beyerbach




Barbara Beyerbach


Supporting Teacher Inquiry through Study Groups

Nancy E. Dubetz


Putting Student Work at the Forefront of Professional Development

Donna Groff and Betsy Ann Balzano


Study Group in Professional Development School Investigates the State of New York’s Grade 4

English Language Arts Assessment

Tania Ramalho and Kathleen Cullen



David Shannon




David Shannon


Using Effect Sizes in Social Science Research: New APA and Journal Mandates for Improved Practices

Frank Baugh and Bruce Thompson


Making Sense of Fit Indices in Structural Equation (SEM)

A.J. Guarino, David M. Shannon, and Margaret E. Ross


Brief Research Reports


Prevalence and Consequences of Students Exposure to Firearms in Traditionally “Safe” High Schools

Caren Caty, A.J. Guarino, Jerry Matthews, Jo-Anne Schick, and Justin J. Ring


Educational Myths: Do Teachers believe them?

James A. Reffel, Joseph P. Callahan, and Julia M. Reffel


The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol

A.J. Guarino, Jana Echevarria, Deborah Short, Jo-Anne Schick, Sean Forbes, and Robert Rueda







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