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 Journal of Research in Education

Volume 7, Number 1
Fall 1997


An International Journal

Published by the Eastern Educational Research Association

Donald Biggs, Editor





Invited Article:

Youth Violence and the Urban Public School Response

Jack Levin and Heather Beth Johnson


Contributed Articles:

Social and Cultural Capital in the Sociology of Education: A Conceptual Analysis

W. Paul Vogt


The Role of the Scholar: From Activism to Expertism and Back

E. Wayne Ross


Teacher-Centered Professional Development: A Rationale for Portfolio Assessment

Bernard Brogan


Collaborative Consultation and Curriculum Based Assessment with Diverse Students

 Hecter M. Rios, John W. Klanderman, Gloria Cruz, Gabriel DiTomasso, and Josephine Morales


Ratings of Assault Vignettes

Marilyn Lewis Lanza and James Carifio


Legal Knowledge of Secondary School Principals: Impacts of Selected Variables

Howard R. D. Gordon


Perceived Impact of Financial Constraints on Teaching Conditions

Steve O. Michael


Teacher Attitudes about Full Inclusion

Jack Campbell


Junior Year Business Students’ Performance in Basic Skills

Robert E. Pritchard, George C. Romeo, and Daniel W. Davis





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