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Division and SIG By-Laws


Divisions and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are an important part of the Eastern Educational Research Association and work as a front-line of the association to engage members both at the annual meeting and throughout the year.


  • The Divisions and SIGs will be represented by the Director of Division Directors and SIGs, and elected position to the EERA Board of Directors.

  • All current Division Directors will constitute the Council of Division Directors. This group will serve as an advisory board to the Director of Division and SIGs and will meet annually at the EERA conference.  The Division Directors are expected to meet with and communicate with their SIG directors on a regular basis as well.

  • Special Interest Groups report to Division Directors, and Division Directors have the responsibility of appointing SIG directors.  These appointments are typically for a three year term, but may be renewed based on the recommendation of the Division Director.

  • A Division or SIG can be created with a proposal that includes the signatures (or electronic signatures) of at least 10 current EERA members.  The proposal will then be voted on for approval by the Council of Directors.

  • Each Division Director will be an active and current member of the Association.  Division Directors are appointed to renewable three-year terms by the Director of Divisions and SIGs.

  • Each Division, or working through a SIG, will sponsor some unique activity, either at the conference, in conjunction with the Journal or Newsletter, or at some other time, at least once every three years.

  • A Division or SIG can become de-activated by a vote from the Council of Division Directors.

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